Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hello interested readers! This is a blog for the design and implementation of a Wireless Rifle Controller for the Nintendo Entertainment System, specifically for the NES video game "Cabal." This project is being completed for the Spring 2010 ESE 350 (Microcontrollers) class at the University of Pennsylvania.

So what exactly are we doing? Our idea is to create an alternative user interface for a classic Nintendo game: Cabal. We would like to provide the users with a more natural interface instead of the classic Nintendo controller (Directional pad, A, B, Start, Select).

We plan to take a stock toy gun and mount a microcontroller on or inside of it. This will allow the user to physically strafe in front of the display to strafe the character on screen, providing a more in-depth gaming experience. Right now our intention is to use the Firefly microcontroller to achieve this, most likely one on each gun and a receiver node at the NES controller input as well.

An added benefit of using this input device would be that it is wireless, allowing the user freedom of movement when playing. A possible “reach” function would be to add a small vibrating motor to give force feedback to the user when shooting.

Check out our proposal presentation slides here.

We'll post periodically with updates about the project. In the mean time, check out this video of Cabal in action:

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